Capsules represent a standard dosage form in our industry. Yet, while many companies offer this format, few companies have mastered the most critical and easily identifiable proof of quality to a consumer. At ANS, we understand that satisfying your customers is critical to your success. Variations from capsule to capsule or even bottle to bottle can be grounds for alarm and can result in complaints or even worse, product abandonment. We take pride in our customers’ confidence that our capsules are consistently reliable in not only in the laboratory test results, but also in visual appearance as well.
Tablets are a delicate blend of the right amount of pressure and the exact measure of ingredients. Poor procedures, out of date or poorly maintained equipment, and inexperienced operators can lead to a number of problems, including: visually unappealing tablets that do not meet physical specifications for disintegration, friability, and hardness or even worse, tablets that fail potency testing. At ANS our tablet press operators not only have the know-how to operate the state-of-the-art machinery we use, they also have the experience. This allows them to both adapt and react to varying materials and conditions that often occur when working with natural ingredients, ensuring that your products not only meet all specifications but look great as well.
Powders are growing in popularity among our customers. The experience to produce powders that not only contain the listed ingredients, but also taste great is key. With our experienced R & D staff we have the ability to help formulate the optimal blend of actives, flavors and other ingredients so that your consumers want to continue using them for the long term. The need for flexibility in packaging is crucial to success for any company engaged in the production of this booming class of products. From composite cans, plastic containers, individual serving pouches and stick packs, we have what it takes to meet our customers' needs.
ANS has aligned itself with several of the top quality Soft Gel producers in the industry. With our combined buying power we are able to secure optimal pricing while offering only the highest quality Soft Gels available. This allows us to offer a turnkey solution of packaged and labeled Soft Gels to our customers at an exceptional value.

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