Quality Tour

At Arizona Nutritional Supplements (ANS), we exist to create and deliver products of unimpeachable quality and worth. We manufacture nutritional supplement products for some of the largest and most respected supplement retailers and distributors in the world. Our partners trust ANS because they value quality first and rely on us to protect their brands, franchises and consumers. In addition to our commitment to producing the highest-quality supplements currently available, our continuous innovation and R&D programs ensure our ability to stay ahead of the curve with exciting new formulas, products and dosage forms for our partners.

Arizona Nutritional Supplements believes that quality is not just an obligation – it is our standard operating procedure. Integrity drives every decision we make.

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Delivery of raw materials

We accept only the highest-quality materials from select suppliers who meet our strict qualifications. Our rigorous documentation of raw material sources, coming from valued, long-term supply chain partnerships, ensures we have all available information about their origin and how they were handled. As soon as the delivery truck docks, all raw materials are moved into quarantine until we can determine conclusively that the contents are accurately labeled and meet stringent ANS specifications.

lab inspection

All companies talk about quality, but Arizona Nutritional Supplements is built around it. With 16-18 percent of our workforce employed directly in Quality Assurance and Quality Control departments, ANS is dedicated to ensuring your product is manufactured to uncompromising standards. Our rigorous inspection process screens out any contaminants and verifies the identity and potency of all ingredients before the materials are ever released into manufacturing. Our internal testing and verification processes - which help ANS ensure identification, purity, strength and composition - include:

  • Multiple analytical and microbial screenings
  • Irradiation detection
  • Pesticide screening
  • Identity confirmation
  • Vitamin assays
  • Mineral and heavy metal assays
  • And more

quality equipment/capacities

By anticipating the future needs of the market and our customers, ANS continuously creates capacity in advance of demand. We do this by investing in new facilities and more efficient, state-of-the-art production and packaging equipment. By combining high-tech equipment with a well-trained staff, we can further enhance product quality, purity and potency. We use trend intelligence to build for the future and meet our partners' requirements quickly and efficiently.


Once materials have been thoroughly tested and verified, they are moved into the mixing process to achieve the correct, efficacious blend for the given formula and dosage form. We are able to mix a wide range of batch sizes and materials, even those with difficult mixing characteristics, by creating and following specific standard operating procedures for blend uniformity.

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ANS manufactures a wide range of products in a variety of dosage forms for our customers. By employing strict processes and using efficient equipment, we create a high throughput of consistently potent nutritional supplements. Given the high-growth nature of the supplement industry, we continue to increase our production capabilities for powder, tablet and capsule forms.

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section for more information.

in-process testing

Materials testing does not end at the incoming raw material stage. During production, our supplementary safety processes look for any unreported or unexpected impurities such as microbials, heavy metals, or allergens. From tablet hardness and dissolvability to weight and granule consistency and more, our on-site laboratory and testing equipment verifies that the product being manufactured meets the exacting standards of ANS and our partners.


ANS offers a wide variety of packaging options to meet virtually any customer request. From single-serve packets and stick packs to large tubs and shelf-ready bottles, we can produce exactly the presentation that works best for you and your consumers. In addition to our packaging capabilities, our marketing department is available to help develop the final look and feel of your branded product. During and after the packaging process, we perform further inspection of the finished materials, including visual inspection and inline metal detection and x-ray.

Printing Partnership


Arizona Nutritional Supplements has developed a strategic printing partnership with local print house Just 1 Label. As a result of this partnership, we are able to save time for our customers and turn around completed orders faster, when compared to working with traditional third-party printing houses. This partnership allows us to effectively complete special runs and orders with tight deadlines in a timely manner, due to the proximity of this partner to our manufacturing facilities. Our labeling process, from receiving and quarantine to label application, ensures that exactly the right label is adhered to exactly the right package, every time.

Finished Goods Testing

Every step of our manufacturing process is controlled and tested – and finished goods are no exception. After the product has been packaged and boxed, we sample it to verify that the box label, package label, package and its contents meet the specifications exactly. Once verified, boxes are sealed and transported to the warehouse.

Pick And Ship

Our controlled warehousing has been designed for efficiency, effectiveness, and timeliness. Quality processes have been established to remove any chance of accidental cross-contamination. We ensure that all products are secure as they await pack-out and palletization, and we collaborate with our partners to align pick-up and distribution schedules. Before shipping out, all products go through one final inspection where strict documentation practices ensure the right products get to the right places.